Module is intended for the creation of custom product feeds. Especially if the merchant needs multiple of those feeds and wants to have XML, CSV, Excel 2010 formats supported.

Module comes bundled with product feed that is compatible with site

Once the module is installed, merchant can:

  • View generated product exporter file
  • View exportable categories
  • View exportable attributes
  • View exportable vendors
  • View single product  (product SKU goes here)
  • View single product by EAN (if EAN search is enabled) (search is done by MySQL FIND IN SET function)
  • View products by search string, if product search by name is enabled. (up to 5 results per query). (search by name attribute. Y will be replaced with Y%. If you need to search in string, then use %Y for the search parameter. It will be applied as LIKE '%Y%')

This module requires that you have properly configured Magento cron!!!

Follow this guide for setting up Magento cron:

If you need help with setting up the cron, then it costs 1 hour worth of "not module related" custom work.