Module allows fast update of product attributes from Excel file

Module allows insertion of new products from Excel file, where each row equals one product

Select and multiselect type attributes are matched by their text values in case insensitive manner. Matching can be done based on Admin store view values or selected applicable store view values.

If the mapped attribute value from dropdown type attribute is missing, then it is created automatically. Or it can be turned off in order to avoid garbage attribute values because of typos.

Main use cases that can be accomplished with this module are:

  • Change prices for a lot of products, where each price will be different
  • Assign related, upsell, cross-sell products to multiple products at once
  • Bulk change Color/Name/Status/Visibility/.... on multiple products at once
  • Bulk assign or remove category on multiple products at once
  • Add a new attribute to an attribute set and then fill this new attribute with values
  • Change attribute set for a lot of products

Excel file can be created manually. You can use your own column headings.

Matching can be done by product ID, SKU or EAN/UPC code if you have that kind of attribute.

This module assumes that you create the Excel file yourself.

You can use "Magento multifeed exporter" module to generate Excel files, which can be uploaded with current module.

Just generate the Excel file, make your changes and then upload the file.

Here is the sample screenshot of the Excel file, that is compatible with this module.