Each of modules settings panel has a current licence status option.

See this link for the licence registration guide: Licence registration guide

After you have received your licence key, then it does not matter which shipping method is currently open. They key will work from any licence key field.

If you have the old key in the field, then delete old key and replace it with your newly received key.

Click on the link "Get your licence key by clicking here" -> which sould redirect you to e-abi.ee website to register your licence.

  • You are asked for Downloadable link - That one can be copied from your order confirmation e-mail.
  • Domains to be registered are filled automatically. If your domain is not publicly available, then you should receive demo licence, which is valid for 30 days only.
  • By pressing on the "Continue" button you are presented with list of licenceable products from the order.
  • If you have used same order before to register your licence then you may be asked additional questions and may be required to agree with licence terms again. Do so and once questions are answered you are redirected to a page with your own personal licence key.
  • Copy all of the licence key into the clipboard and then go back to your shipping methods settings page.
  • Paste the licence key into the licence key field and press the button "Save changes" to save the settings. This button should appear automatically next to licence key field. If it does not appear then scroll down and save settings as usual.
  • Successful licence registration can be seen in the licence status.
  • If your modules licences are scattered in multiple orders then same procedure should be repeated until all the licences are registrated. If you get new licence key after repeating then old licence key from licence key field should be cleared before copying new one.