Itella services - Allows to assign extra services, when sending parcel data. Currency is required for COD services.

Shipment type column allows you to define following:

  • Normal shipment - When sending data you will receive single packing slip for the package
  • Normal shipment with return - When sending data you will receive two packing slips. One for sending the package and another slip for the customer. This way your customer can easily return the parcel because of the available return slip.

Contact your Itella customer manager if you need help with setting up service codes.

Also some service codes can be located from:

Refer to Unifaun Online -> Help -> Code Lists -> Services (ERP-connection XML) to get a list of supported additional services.

Common base service codes:

  • PO2106 - Itella SmartPOST service outside Finland
  • PO2103 - Itella SmartPOST and Postal office service from FI to FI
  • PO2711 - Itella Parcel Connect service. Used for Postal office service outside Finland and for routes that originate outside Finland. Also courier service uses this service code.

Common additinal service codes

  • PUPOPT - used mostly with PO2711 - Instructs the parcel to be sent to a PUDO location instead of customer home
  • DLV - used mostly with PO2711 - Instructs the parcel to be sent to directly to a destination address (home delivery)

If the additional service needs options, then they need to be inserted like this:


Extra services based on products in the order

You can create Product field code of 'eabi_itella_service' and enter extra services similar to 'Itella services' configuration.
At the moment of data sending this field is checked and all the resulting services are added together and sent with the parcel data to Itella server.